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Born and raised in West Texas, I grew up longing for an adventure in the great wide somewhere. That quest for fun took me to film school at the University of Texas at Austin, a job at a megachurch in San Antonio, seminary in Southern California, and on many many trips to Disneyland. I’m a husband to Christopher, dad to Noah, church planter @ Sacred Place  Disney Vacation Specialist @ Mouseways, and storyteller. Adventure is out there and here’s my story!


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Reboot, Again

I have had trouble keeping this blog up consistently. It’s been almost 7 years since my last post. Sometimes I feel like a completely different person since then.

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Hunger Games

I read the entire Hunger Games series in a week. I can’t believe it’s already over. It was pretty incredible. I am not quite done

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Back from the Dead

I’m reviving this blog in the near future. It’s been a crazy year. Trying to figure out what to write and how. More coming soon…

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Service Battery

So yesterday I talked about decompressing and what it looks like for me as well as how it’s an integral part of rest. If decompressing is largely focused on giving your brain a break on the amount of information it receives, recharging is filling up your emotional gas tank. It’s doing something that gives you energy again.

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So this quarter has been tough. Not because Greek is exceptionally hard. Doing it as an intensive is just a bit demanding. Having one’s brain so thoroughly focused on one thing all the time drains you. As a result, you need to do to things to keep yourself happy and avoid insanity: decompress and recharge. I’m realizing these two are very different things.

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