Ending Hiatus

Hello, my name is Matt, and it’s been 93 days since my last jump. I’ve been trying to get a jump in for a couple of weeks now. The weather has not cooperated much this fall/winter season. Since we returned to an El NiƱo weather pattern this fall, getting jumps in has been rather difficult. […]

A Break

So, I decided to skip a week between jumps. I went to Academy to buy an exercise ball on my mom’s suggestion. I ended up with two of these strange peanut shaped exercise balls. I’m able to suspend myself between them in what sort of looks like an arch. It’s definitely really uncomfortable. My back […]

Jump #7

Well, I ventured out to the drop zone for another Friday jump. I was determined to get this one right. Things were running a little slow at the DZ, so I didn’t make it on the first load. I was paired with my usual instructor Greg, to go over the pre-jump checks. They were pretty […]

Jump #5 & Jump #6

Well the weather cleared up Friday after all. It was a beautiful jump. So I made it out to the DZ at 10 to make it on the first load. My second instructor was running a bit late, so I was put on load 2. The DZ was a little busy so we got fly the TO instead of the Caravan.

Jump #4

So I failed L1. It happens, but I don’t like things like that looming over my head. Knowing that winter (and cloudy skies) is nigh, I know that taking advantage of clear days is wise. With my to do list being short due to my project coordinator out one more day on vacation and Friday’s […]

Jump #3

Well I got up nice and early to drive to the DZ for ground school. I got there an entire 15 minutes before I had to be there. Which, for those that know me well, is kind of a big deal. I’m generally not an award-winning morning person. Ground school got off to a 30-minute […]