So I failed L1. It happens, but I don’t like things like that looming over my head. Knowing that winter (and cloudy skies) is nigh, I know that taking advantage of clear days is wise. With my to do list being short due to my project coordinator out one more day on vacation and Friday’s forecast looking rainy, I figured redoing the jump would be best suited for a Monday morning. I arrived at the DZ a little before 10 to find another student doing her L2 waiting in the lobby. After checking in at manifest, I waited for instruction.

After a short wait, we headed to the gear room. This time we went over the equipment inspection procedures and talked about the wind patterns. Having had two semesters of weather at UT, I have a pretty good understanding of the wind forecast and can even, albeit slowly, convert knots to mph. We geared up and I was paired with Erik, who taught my ground school, and Greg. We went over the dive flow outside at the aircraft mock up and headed to wait for the Caravan.

I was definitely much more relaxed for this jump, still nervous, but more relaxed. On the way up, we went over the dive flow in reverse order til altitude. The exit was much better this time. We wobbled a little but settled down. I did the apropriate COA check. Both instructors told me to extend my legs and I quickly overcorrected. Then they told me to bring them back in and I overcorrected. I still don’t have a handle on exactly where they go. They went ahead and gave me the thumbs up for my practice pulls. I permormed them a little jerky but successfully. I finally relaxed for the last 1500 ft. and had great position.

Here’s the important part: I waved and pulled at 5500! I need to work on a bigger wave, but I passed.

The canopy deployed with a simple line twist that I quickly corrected without freaking out. I followed Erik’s instructions guiding me in. Before landing I flared a bit early and then let up a little too much. Erik told me to flare flare flare and I did. I hit the ground a little hard and just fell to my knees with a quick return to my feet.

All in all it was a great jump. I’m ready for L2 this weekend weather permitting.

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